To offer input / expertise / participation.

To make a walking tour of Liverpool from the perspective of Vibrio cholerae, the Cholera bacterium. We want to expand our diverse group of artists, microbiologists & local historians to co-create a psychogeographic and historical experience of Liverpool exploring microbial and queer perspectives to foster social & climate justice…starting in Toxteth!

This project will take different forms and formats –

  • OFFLINE as physical, socially distanced tours, maps
  • ONLINE as recorded audio-walks available online, maps
  • MIXED live streamed special tours for remote audiences, maps

There are a number of ways to get involved including, but not limited to –

  • supporting the ethical framework of the project
  • contributing your knowledge of drag performance, culture or community
  • sharing your insight of /expertise on local history
  • bringing to the table your useful Funds of Knowledge*

Why are we doing this?

To understand ‘life’– of persons, societies, bacteria, groups and things of the world – not as isolated phenomena but as invested in chains and networks of different scales – species, identities, genders, incomes, histories – where the human is not necessarily at the centre. With the compounded energy of art and microbiology, we hope to invite audiences to re-think collectively and re-orient concerns toward eco-social justice and renewal.

Join us if you can, or let us know how we can support you in case you are interested but feel the proper means to share or contribute are not in place.

Connect for more information


* information stored in memory about people, places, and things all related to Liverpool and/or Cholera, environment and justice.


Lookbook 2021

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Yasmine had a slot during the 2020 #GlobalScienceShow where she represented the human and non-humans of #EndoLove


Love LIVE!

Hosted by parasitologist Yasmine Kumordzi, and performer RJ Lloyd, this chat show features microbial sketches, interviews, and a live Q&A.


Dr. Endosymbioticlove OR: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Climate Crisis

Endosymbiotic Love Calendar brings performance artists & scientists working together to embody a microorganism for every month of 2021. This art + science collaboration delves into the (renewed public awareness of the) microbial world and the fragile interdependence of our coexistence on this planet.

Without exploiting the COVID-19 situation, but sensitively and safely working in its context, we intend to bring these worlds together; pairing the vital importance of microbiological research with feminist and queer perspectives to help share biological knowledge in an innovative and meaningful way. But what does dressing up as a microorganism have to do with climate change? Here’s a conversation between Tammy Reynolds (performance artist), Yasmine Kumordzi (microbiologist) and myself (artist) about how we think our calendar relates to this issue.

Tammy (artist), Yasmine (parasitologist), Hwa Young (artist)